The strenghth of a company lies within its flexibility. We meet our customers’ and supplier’s demands with a friendly ear.

Our service is tailored to your demnads and encompasses counsulting as well as the conduction of the following services:

  • provision of packing-material (drums, big-bags, pallets)
  • pick-up of material
  • handling of waste and dangerous goods documentation if required
  • Even special requests can be handled unproblematically. If required, we can provide on-site analysis, checking and valuation of your material.

Our expereinced and expert staff is looking forward to consulting and supporting you in matters of waste regulations. Be it the attribution of a waste-code or preparation of the required documentation, our experience and competence as a certified and specialized company for processing and recycling of selected waste streams enable us to support you optimally.

Your deliveries will be sorted and evaluated immediately to provide results without delay. Our well-trained sorters and up-to-date analysis equipment guarantee the precise sorting and evalluation of your material.

The evaluation of your material will be transparent and comprehensible. If you would like to get to know us and our processes and work-flow, you are welcome to visit us to attend the checking and sorting of your material.