Our trading department has many years of experience in the trade of scraps and metals. Our operations are focussed on minor metals as well as nickel and cobalt base alloys.
Therefore we are able to present the best possible use option for any available material. Not least we can quote competitive and market oriented prices at any given time.

The following list shows an excerpt of our portfolio:

  • Tantalum (Ta) and tantalum alloys (such as TaW)
    • Sheet metal and production scraps, capacitors , turnings
  • Tungsten (W) and tungsten alloys (Densalloy, Hevimet, WCu)
    • Scraps from high temperature applications, wire and filaments, turnings, Widia, carbide tips,
    • Sludges, powders and residues containing tungsten
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
    • Scraps from high temperature applications, targets, wires, spraying residues (powder and cones), turnings,
    • Sludges, powders and residues containing molybdenum
  • Titanium (Ti) and titanium alloys (such as 90/6/4 or Ti Grade 5)
    • Scraps from the aircraft and turbine industries, heat exchanger condenser sheets, demolition scraps from industrial plants, targets, turnings, galvanic cages, forged metal parts, cuttings
  • Zirconium (Zr) und zirconium alloys (Zr705, Zircaloy)
    • Sheet metal and tube scraps, ingots, target scraps, turnings
  • Chromium (Cr), vanadium (V), hafnium (Hf), niobium (Nb) (obsolete designation: columbium [Cb]) and niobium alloys (NbTi, NbZr)
    • Production scraps and cuttings, sheets, targets, turnings, super conductors
  • Rhenium (Re)
    • Scraps from super alloys and residues containing rhenium
  • Metals used in the electronic industries
    • Indium (In)
    • Gallium (Ga)
    • Germanium (Ge)
    • Silicon (Si)
  • High speed steels (HSS), scraps and turnings including the following varieties
    • M2 or 1.3343 or DMO5
    • M35 or 1.3243 or EMO5 or EMO5CO5
    • T1 or 1.3355 or B18 (russ.)
    • M42 or 1.3247
  • Cobalt and nickel base alloys (Stellite, Permendur, Inconel, Hastelloy)
    • Turbine parts, sheet metal, stamp residues, forged metal parts, cuttings, wire implants and crematorium scrap, sprues from dental laboratories turnings and milling chips
  • Nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co)
    • cathodes, briquettes, turnings, powder, dusts, sludges
  • Tin (Sn) and tin alloys (SnPb, SnAg)
    • pewter tableware, solder, dross, solder pastes, white metal, chips
  • neodymium (Nd)
    • neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnet scraps. such as HDD magnets

We look forward to hearing from you – If your material is not listed here then please let us know, since the above list is not meant to be complete. Please contact us directly via telephone or use the contact form

As a certified waste management company we offer a comprehensive service in all areas regarding your metal scraps, turnings and residues. For more information please look here or contact us directly.